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Door Handles Vs Door Knobs: An In-Depth Comparison

One of the most critical decisions when selecting door hardware is the choice between door handles and door knobs. While they both serve the same primary function – allowing you to open and close doors – there are many differences in terms of style, comfort, accessibility, and overall visual impact. At More4Doors, we offer a vast array of both types, from Door Handles on Round Rose to Reeded Beehive Door Knobs, catering to a range of design preferences and functional needs. Here, we present an in-depth comparison to guide you in your choice.

Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, both door handles and door knobs offer a variety of design options.

Door handles are often seen as more modern and can provide a sleek, streamlined look to your door. They come in many styles, such as the On Trend collection, Art Deco Door Handles, Door Handles On Square Rose, Pull Handles, and Flush Fitting Handles. Additionally, various finishes, including Matte Black Door Handles, Gunmetal Grey Door Handles, or the unique Black Nickel Collection, can amplify the overall aesthetic of your doors.

Door knobs, on the other hand, often evoke a more traditional or classic feel. Styles such as Mortice Door Knobs, Rim Door Knobs, and Decorative Centre Door Knobs offer a touch of antiquity and elegance. The use of different materials like Glass Door Knobs or finishes like Antique Brass Door Knobs can further elevate this classic appeal.

Comfort and Accessibility

While aesthetics are significant, comfort and accessibility are just as crucial. Here, door handles tend to edge out door knobs.

Door handles, such as those in our Satin Brass Door Handles and Industrial Style Door Handles collections, offer a comfortable grip and require a simple push-down action, making them easier to operate for people of all ages, including those with limited hand strength or mobility issues.

Door knobs, on the other hand, require a firm grip and a twisting motion to open. While they can add a distinct charm to doors, as seen in our Pewter Door Knobs and Glass & Crystal Cupboard Door Knobs, they may pose challenges for children, the elderly, or anyone with grip issues.

Functionality and Usage

The functionality and intended usage of door handles and knobs can also influence your decision.

Door handles, especially those like the Stainless Steel Door Handles or Brass Door Handles, are often more durable and robust, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or external doors.

In contrast, door knobs, including the Satin Brass Door Knobs or the unique Industrial Style Door Knobs, are often better suited for internal doors and areas with less traffic. Their traditional design elements, like the Polished Brass Door Knobs or the Polished Chrome Door Knobs, make them a popular choice for enhancing the interior decor.

Ultimately, the choice between door handles and door knobs boils down to personal preference, functional requirements, and the design theme of your space. At More4Doors, we offer an expansive range of both, each offering its unique charm and function. Whether you’re drawn to the modern appeal of Satin Nickel Door Handles, the classic elegance of Satin Chrome Door Knobs, or the unique allure of the Black Antique Door Handles, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your doors.

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